Selected Commissions


This commission in a private London home comprises over ninety vessels set out in a range of groupings horizontally and vertically projecting from three walls, and is designed to be seen from multiple viewpoints. The pots are set on ceramic plinths or grounds. The space was intriguing as it seemed to occupy, connect to, and reference so many other spaces. Very tall with a splendid proscenium arch overlooking the stairs it also connects the first floor library and drawing room. Acting as a liminal space, a threshold between different domesticities, it seemed the ideal location to articulate the relationship between the voids and volumes of pots and architectural space.


The project took two years to complete and included the development of a palette of vitreous slips and coloured clays that reflect the changing light.


Monumental Jars III and IV were made at the Baggeridge Brick factory in Staffordshire utilising their wonderful engineering brick clay and also their enormous kilns which is why these are the tallest pots Julian has ever made. Following extensive conversations between Julian and the client about what commission would work best at Winfield House, the US ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park, it was decided to site this pair of Monumental Jars from Quietus as an interface between the architecture of the house and the natural environment of the garden.